Student Exchange Program Rules & Regulations



Selection Process


  1. Subject to a minimum CGPA of 4.0, the selection will be based on CGPA or other requirements as may be specified by the host University.
  2. CV-Weightage may be given to those students who have actively involved in Legal Services Clinic, Academic Support Programme, Campus Development etc.
  3. Motivation Letter/Statement of Purpose- should clearly state that what they gain from this “Exchange Programme” and how they are going to contribute back to the society.
  4. Those students who have indulged in malpractice, who have been into disciplinary proceedings will not be selected.
  5. Those students who have repeated a year will not be considered.




  1. UG students are permitted to go on an exchange only in the V year. The duration for “Exchange Programme” will be confined to January – June 2016 (Vacation plus III Trimester). The placement should be completed in the month of May/June 2016.
  2. Eligibility criteria for scholarship depend on arrangements with our partner universities and students will be notified of the same as the application for student exchange program opens or as otherwise, the case may be.




  1. The students must complete 16 equivalent credits in the designated Foreign University. Previous two trimesters course obligations must be completed before they go for an exchange. In case of exchanges with EU Universities, the number of credits to be completed is 24 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  2. After a student has applied for exchange program he/she cannot withdraw after the names have been notified to the partner university.




  1. In case of violation of any of the above rules and regulations, the student at fault may be given a show cause notice by the Exchange Officer. Following this, the exchange officer may take appropriate action for the violation and refer the case for disciplinary proceedings.
  2. If a student fails to complete the required minimum number of credits in the Foreign University, he/she must take the required number of Seminar Courses to make up the deficit in NLSIU in the next academic year