Exchange buddies

Student Exchange buddy program at NLSIU is run by the Student Exchange Cell. This program assists to ease the process of transition for international students, helps to mitigate culture shock, and promotes intercultural communication between NLSIU students and the global community. Each trimester, Student Exchange Cell works together with approximately 5-10 volunteer exchange buddies, who have the time and energy to greet, assist and help exchange students figure out the campus.

Exchange buddies is an orientation group run by students in order to assist international exchange students and help them get used to the campus setting. Exchange Buddies work closely with the Exchange Cell and make sure all incoming students have an unforgettable exchange experience! Exchange buddies support the incoming international students during the introductory days and inform the new students about the details of the every day life of students at NLSIU. The exchange buddies also help to overcome language barriers and are able to provide information, during the orientation weeks, pertaining to the different fields of study at NLSIU.

During the entire stay, the volunteers function as buddies for the exchange students, help them to answer some questions about daily life or with problems and are pleased to be contacts for any other matters. Further, since the buddies are also NLSIU students themselves, they play an essential roll in bridging the cultural gap and easing the stress of daily life abroad by helping with questions and problems.