Collaborating with NLSIU

At NLSIU we are always looking forward to expanding our international engagements. We believe expanding our international footprint gives our faculties and students an opportunity to build wider and comprehensive perspective about legal systems and societies around the world. We look forward to collaborating with our partner universities in various areas of research, engaging in faculty exchange and undertaking a well structured student exchange program.

At the very basis of collaborating with us is the research and exchange initiative. In our opinion this will ensure exchange of ideas, academic research, culture and help build contacts between students and faculties in the two institutions. Further, such programs also help students, teachers and academic in the two countries to get an access to the academic literature on law, social sciences and other relevant aspects in each other’s countries.

As our partner university you get an unfettered access to Indian Legal academia. We are the leading law university in India and have been consistently ranked as the number one law university of the country. Additionally, we are also a part of the Consortium of Law Colleges of India, which is a collaboration initiative taken by law universities of India. Thus, our partner universities also get an access to perhaps the widest network of law universities in India for engagement.

An engagement with NLSIU also opens up a whole world of ideas particular to the legal system of a developing countries. Further, academic curriculum at NLSIU focuses extensively of social sciences and other interdisciplinary approaches to law, thus presenting opportunity of collaboration on the widest possible spectrum to our partners.

Our location is another great advantage. We are situated in the city of Bengaluru (Bangalore), which is also the silicon valley of India. It is home to largest number of startups in India, houses numerous IT industry players, has numerous defence establishments and also has head office of the Indian Space Research Organisation. The city also has some of the leading management and STEM institutions of India. This ambience, particular to the city of Bengaluru, gives our students, faculty and our institution as a whole the opportunity to collaborate on various interdisciplinary projects.

The process of establishing collaboration involves signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NLSIU and our partner institution. Prior to the signing of MoU, we undertake numerous rounds of talks with our our partner institution in order to determine particulars of the exchange program. The MoU, which is tailored to the requirements and capacities of the two institutions, thus forms the basis of our collaboration.

In case there are any queries with respect to the collaboration process, kindly direct them to